Each Thursday we showcase fellow Reno, Sparks and Tahoe businesses you can take advantage of now that Total Home Experience gives you more freedom from time spent cleaning and organizing. Investigate the list of our #HighlightThursday picks as a way to make the most of your newfound freedom!

  • Further enhance your sense of peace and wellness by breathing deeply at Reno’s Breathe Bar.  Relax with their wide array of calming services, then come back home to a home that is clean and in order. Win, win!
  •  While we take care of your outside yard cleaning, you can take that time to discover some gorgeous greenery at local favorite Sierra Water. Reinvigorate your home with foliage, indoors or out. 
  • Imagine what you could do if your weekend wasn’t bogged down by that endless list of chores (that’s where we come in)! Maybe, just maybe, you could take the family out for a truly carefree lunch or dinner at Southcreek Pizza Co. Could this be what freedom from the list tastes like?
  • You have a plan for yard cleanup (us!) and home cleaning (us!) and plenty of time to enjoy backyard feast season… but do you know where to get the best goods for your grill? We do! We suggest Butcher Boy Meats. It’s the perfect place to grab brats, burgers, steaks – whatever you need to be the grill master.
  • Want to get away without actually traveling? Perhaps you can use the extra time our team gives back to you to indulge in a tropical beverage at Rum Sugar Lime… It’s pretty close to the tropics, in our opinion, just no stealing their pineapple decorations!
  •  We love taking stress away from our clients so they can spend that time in the ways that give them joy… and we’re confident you’ll find plenty of things in Sierra Belle, a shop in the heart of Mid-Town, that will bring you plenty of joy!