Moving into a new home is exciting, but moving out of your old home can be exhausting. Our Move Out Cleans are affordably priced so you can focus on your new home and let us take care of maximizing the deposit from your old home. Our team will take care of:

Vacuum carpets, sweep and mop all hardwood floors, and use carpet cleaner where spot cleans are requested.

Wipe down all walls within reach.

Vacuum out tracks, clean reachable windows, dust blinds, and wipe down any curtains.

Clean toilet, sink, mirrors, shower, bath, all flooring. Clean cupboards and drawers inside and out

Clean all counters, appliances (inside and out), wipe out cupboards and drawers (inside and out), clean sink, and stovetop.

Clean all baseboards throughout the house.

Wipe down doors and frames/hinges.
Wipe down reachable light fixtures/fans.
Clean all light switches and outlets.
Dust any remaining furniture in the house.

Garage (if owner requests)
Sweep out and clean all cabinets, shelves, etc.